Equipment and Testing Materials

Below are various options for different items you may need during different stages of your training. I’ve included what I have as well as other options, when applicable. Click any of the links below to order straight from Amazon (with the exception of the home built Stratux).


Bose A20 – Personally Use and Recommend!

Rugged AirLightspeed ZuluLightspeed Sierra – Close friends have used and personally recommend. Less than the Bose but similar functions.

David Clarks – Great starter headset, used that as my first pair/training pair.

iPad location and weather

Stratux– Personally Use and Recommend!

Prebuilt Stratux – same as above but built already for you so if you aren’t good with tools, we recommend!

Flight Computer

E6B – Solid piece of equipment for anyone who doesn’t want to spend the money on an electronic version but needs one for a few checkrides.

Electronic E6B – takes the guess work out of the human error with a manual E6B.

Paper E6B – great for pilots on a budget, or plan on getting just their PPL.


Comm/Nav Handheld – great back up in the plane, can pick up VOR radials and Localizers for that “just in case” moment.

Comm Only Handheld – great to put in your bag for when

Miscellaneous Equipment

VFR Kneeboard

IFR Kneeboard

Foggles for people with glasses option 1

Foggles for people with glasses option 2

Foggles for people without glasses

Oral Prep

Private Pilot

Instrument Airplane

Commercial Pilot

Multi Engine

Certified Flight Instructor

Airmen Certification Standard/Practical Test Standards

Private Pilot

Instrument Airplane

Commercial Pilot

Certified Flight Instructor – Single Engine

Certified Flight Instructor – Instrument

Certified Flight Instructor – Multi Engine

FAR/AIM, and Recommended Sections


In full disclosure, you are allowed to be asked for any part of the FAR/AIM but here are major sections that you should tab and have ready to go:
Part 43 Appendix A(c) – Preventative Maintenance
Part 61 – Start of section related to certification
61.23(d) – Medical cert
61.31 – Endorsements
61.35.- Knowledge Test
61.43,61.45 – Practical Test
61.56 – BFR
61.81 – Student Pilots
61.102 – Private Pilots
61.109 – Aeronautical Experience Requirements for PPL
61.121 – Commercial Pilots
61.129 – Aeronautical Experience Requirements for CPL
61.151 – ATP
61.159 – Aeronautical Experience Requirements for ATP
61.181 – CFI
61.192 – CFI Privileges and Limitations
61.197 – CFI Renewal
Part 91 – Flight Rules
91.3 – PIC91.103 – Preflight Action91.113 – Right of Way91.151 – Fuel Requirements for VFR91.155 – VFR weather for airspaces91.171 – VOR check91.205 – Required Equipment (A TOMATO FLAMES/FLAPS/GRABCARD)91.207 – ELT inspection91.213 – Inoperative Equipment91.409.- Annual and 100 hr inspection91.411 & 413 – Altimeter/Pitot Static & Transponder inspection91.519 – Passenger Briefing

Additional Items for Instrument Checkride

61.57 – IPC
61.65 – Instrument Rating Requirements91.167 – Fuel requirements for IFR91.169 – IFR flight plan, including alternate requirementsAIM 1-1-9 – ILSAIM 2-1-1 – Lighting systems


Airplane Flying Handbook

Pilot Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge

Instrument Flying Handbook

Aviation Weather


Terminal Area Chart

Under Construction

Low En Route Chart

Under Construction


Under Construction

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